The Financial Times names Girl Effect as an example in the rise of “Gender Lens Investing”

Girl Effect credited as a key member of the global gender equality movement.

The Financial Times has stated that gender lens investing is on the rise, in their article ‘The business of women’. According to their research, a growing number of investors are looking not just at a business’ financial performance, but specifically at how it advances or supports women and girls.

The FT goes on to position organisations that focus of girls’ and women’s human rights as an interesting investment opportunity – from organisations that work to address women’s rights, companies that develop products for women and girls, or those with a good track record for gender diversity on boards and in senior leadership.

Patricia Farrar-Rivas, a founding principal and chief executive of Veris, a New York-based asset management company, states: “I see gender lens investing as one of the exciting new aspects of impact investing and it is taking off rapidly.”

The article cites Girl Effect as one of the “forces pushing for equality between women and men [that] are gaining momentum.”