Chhaa jaa

Go Forth and Shine

Chhaa Jaa is a digital-first youth brand that inspires, informs and equips girls in India with the right skills and confidence to navigate adolescence – from accessing information about sexual and reproductive health, to negotiating with parents about choices for their education, to preparing to find a first job.
Meaning ‘go forth and shine’ in Hindi, Chhaa Jaa comes to life through digital media content, with relatable storylines developed alongside girls that link them to the services and resources they need. Harnessing the power of Girl Effect’s TEGA networks in India, real-time feedback from girls and their communities will shape the content.

Creating a generation of girls
able to write their own story

Reflecting the seismic shift in India’s digital media landscape, Chhaa Jaa comes to life online and on social platforms to meet girls where they are already looking for information or increasingly will be. With authentic storylines and characters that reflect girls’ daily choices and constraints, Chhaa Jaa is designed to build up a girls’ sense of self, her identity and her ability to ask questions.
Chhaa Jaa’s vision is to create a generation of girls in India that are able to write their own story, to find meaningful work and fulfil their potential beyond expectations around marriage and motherhood. Innovative behaviour change science underpins the content, designed to connect girls to the information and services they need to take action to improve their reproductive health and employment readiness.

What we make


Digital content

Providing access to entertaining and informative content via social platforms, co-designed with girls


Moderated online community

A moderated peer-peer online community where girls can explore the themes in Chhaa Jaa’s content and support each other


Branded chatbot

Coming soon…a chatbot using artificial intelligence to provide information privately and anonymously, signposting girls to services

Slide 54% of married girls aged 15-19 have no say in decisions affecting their health NFHS, 2015-16 Slide GSMA, 2019 increase between 2014 and 2017 in mobile internet affordability in India 26% Slide McKinsey & Company, 2015 increase in female employment could add $700bn to GDP by 2025 10%

Chhaa Jaa Partnerships

Inspiring girls in India to take control of their health and futures through digital content

Empowering girls through mobile with the information they need to transform their lives

Implementing, supporting and strengthening TEGA networks in India

Coming together to empower young girls in India

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