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Bilal Amin

Chief Finance and Operations Officer

Based in Nairobi
As Chief Finance and Operations Officer, Bilal leads programmes, finance, procurement, HR, country leadership and other functional support areas. He works across the organisation to help create efficiencies in our operations locally and globally, making sure we are ‘future-fit’ as an organisation.

Bilal brings 21 years of multifunctional strategic experience in non-profit and corporate sectors to the Girl Effect. He has worked in 11 countries across four continents. During his career, Bilal has managed a billion-dollar organisation and built sustainable business models in various countries.

In his last role, Bilal served as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at the Global Fund for Children (GGFC); a global non-profit dedicated to finding, funding, and building grassroots organisations. During his time at GFC, Bilal helped the organisation navigate the transition and successfully integrated the programs, fundraising, and support services—while leading a culturally diverse team spread across the globe.