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The Market Research Society (MRS) is the world’s leading research association, providing qualifications to people in 40 countries. Working with Girl Effect, MRS equips girls in hard-to-reach communities with research skills and qualifications to enhance their role as Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors (TEGA).
Girl Effect’s technology and research methodology is designed so that any girl, no matter her education level, background or technical knowledge, can easily become a TEGA. Girl Effect partnered with MRS to create a bespoke curriculum and qualification for TEGA, MRS Certificate in Digital Interviewing for Market & Social Research, which is taken over three months, enabling the girls to become certified qualitative and quantitative digital interviewers. The curriculum is partly disseminated via mLearning and ‘gamified’ to increase engagement and motivation. Each TEGA researcher is then independently assessed by MRS by submitting a portfolio of work, showcasing examples of fieldwork.
There are now 190 TEGAs with MRS qualifications in Malawi, Rwanda, Nigeria, Tanzania, India, Bangladesh and the USA, overall 34% have received a distinction.. The qualification that the TEGAs receive not only increases the validity of TEGA research, but also gives the girls employable skills for the future. At the MRS Excellence Awards in 2016 Girl Effect with its partners was awarded ‘Best Innovation’ for TEGA’s innovative approach to evidence-gathering.
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