Putting Springster at the fingertips of BBM Messenger users

Girl Effect’s partnership with BBM Messenger brings Springster content to its audience of young girls across countries including Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Philippines, Colombia, Mexico, Honduras, Ecuador, Peru, and Panama. Through the BBM platform, Springster provides the vital information and support that girls need to create positive change in their lives.
BBM Messenger is an Android and iOS messaging app with millions of users around the world. The organisation is dedicated to not only providing a platform, but also making a difference for its users.
Recognising the huge need to support the growth and development of young women, BBM Messenger is partnering with Girl Effect to bring Springster content to its well-established platform. Girls using BBM Messenger are able to easily discover Springster’s entertaining, educational content, real-life stories and features written by girls themselves, then share in the context of their conversations, since the platform puts messaging at the heart of user experience.
Through this partnership, BBM Messenger and Girl Effect have the shared ambition to build vulnerable girls’ confidence and skills to help them fulfill their potential offline. Girl Effect and BBM are exploring expansion into other countries.
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Digitally connecting marginalised and vulnerable girls around the world

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