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Supporting the launch of Girls Connect across Kano state in Nigeria

Girl Effect launched its partnership with AREWA24 in 2018 – Nigeria’s first all-Hausa-language satellite television channel – to support the ongoing success of Girls Connect. The partnership will ensure free and discounted airtime for Girls Connect during prime-time slots.
Raising awareness of the Girls Connect programme is critical to ensure girls can benefit from the mobile platform. AREWA24, the leading Hausa language entertainment and lifestyle network in Northern Nigeria will be supporting the Girls Connect service with free and discounted airtime during prime-time slots on their station.

AREWA24 is proud to be partnered with the innovative Girls Connect program and applaud Girl Effect and its distinguished partners for providing girls in our communities with such an effective, accessible and appropriate platform with which to grow and empower their lives. Our role is simply to help Girls Connect get the message out to as many girls as possible throughout our viewer base in Northern Nigeria and in neighboring countries with activation of the Girls Connect program as the goal.

Jacob Arback, CEO at AREWA24

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