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The concepts and designs of our youth brands and mobile tech are based on deep insights, revealed by our own research and large-scale digital data sets. Once they are live in the world, we monitor how young people engage and interact with them.
We evaluate ourselves by the tangible impact we have on a girl’s self-expression, self-value, her relationships and her ability to make choices about her life. At every stage, girls take part – as designers, field researchers and data collectors – so that our insights are unfiltered and authentic.

Slide 22 million people are aware of our youth brands in Ethiopia, Malawi and Rwanda Slide unique users reached in the past year, with nearly 1 million monthly on average 12.7 million Slide interviews conducted via innovative mobile peer-to-peer research app TEGA Over 17,000

Real girls, real lives, connected A global study of girls' access and usage of mobile, told through 3,000 voices Read more From browsing to behaviour change A study into how digital interventions influence offline change amongst adolescent girls Read more Meet Big Sis How Girl Effect built a chatbot with the potential to reach millions of girls Read more Adolescence: Age and Stage A cutting-edge report fusing biological and cognitive science research. Read more TEGA Our innovative peer-to-peer mobile research app. Read more

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